Thursday, March 11, 2010

School of Classical Ballet

Studio: 298-4801 Res: 298-2488
6913 Natalie, N. E.

Suzanne Johnston, Director

Classical Ballet - Musical Comedy - Modern Jazz
Beginners thru Professionals

This is the home of the, "Suzanne Concert Dancers." A new complex of studios, designed for the dancer. It is built of slumpstone, a white adobe-like material, to give a Southwestern atmosphere. The engineering design and wood floor construction has been recognized as the latest for professional dancing. The school has a reputation as one of the finest for training dancers, where the student receives double benefit; professional training and atmosphere - the student is "studying the Art of Dance," rather than just "taking dancing."

Postage: 1970

Message on back:
"This is where E. studies. They've just built a big addition at the rear - a very large studio. As always, Arthur."

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