Sunday, February 7, 2010



944 Waterloo Road - Stockton, California
Phone HOward 3-1953
Luncheon - Dinner - Cocktails

Private Banquet Room and Bar for special occasions and meetings. Specializing in Italian and American Foods - Prime Rib Roast and charcoal Broiled Steaks specialty of the house.
Amelia and Charlie Risso, your hosts.

Photo by L.E. Lindholm


  1. I have to comment on this post, even though it's been a couple of years. Risso's was "the" restaurant in Stockton for many years. Pre-prom dinners, graduation celebrations, Mother's Day, everything. My father used to go there for lunch most days, so when we made our weekly Sunday dinner visit we were always seated in the "Pink Room" which was the place to be seen in Stockton during that era.

    I remember going with my parents on special occasions on winter evenings, when the fire was lit in the bar as we came in. It was a very special place, great Italian food, (with an antipasto plate...unusual in Stockton), and they had the best chicken cordon bleu ever! The waitresses were fabulous, and of course, knew us all by name.

    We were so sad when it closed, it was a huge part of our lives.

  2. Wow I can't believe I found this website. I use to work at Risso's for along time while at Stagg High School. Mrs. Risso was the Best Lady to work for and they all treated me like family. Before I worked there my Dad worked to Coke Cola and was a Manager Driver and when I was younger before I started to work Risso's was one of his stops and I rode with my Dad when he did his Deliveries so I myself have alot of history there too. I now live in Indianapolis, Indiana and planning on moving back to the Stockton area if I can find something safe to live in. I hear Stockton isn't the best place to live anymore. I grew up on the North side on Morada Lane off of Lower Sacramento road and now I hear it's really bad. I sure wish Risso's would of stayed in business. It really was a huge part of my teenage years. Thanks for the site. Steve