Friday, May 14, 2010

Tahoe Tropicana

Kimball 4-6416
P.O. Box 4681
Stateline Blvd. and Cedar St.
S. Lake Tahoe, California (South Shore) Lake Tahoe
65 New Beautiful Modern Units - Queen Size Beds, Showers and Tubs - Connecting Rooms - Swedish Massager - 24 Kitchenettes, Studios, Penthouse Apartment. Dining Room, Cocktail Lounge with service poolside. 1 1/2 Blocks to Casinos, Free Room TV, Telephones, Sun Deck. Beautiful Heated Pool - Beach Privileges. Free In-Room Coffee. Courtesy Bus or Taxi to Casinos.

Photo by Mike Roberts

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this splendid post card. It also made for a cheery nostalgic desktop wallpaper. :)

    Evidently the Tahoe Tropicana lasted about 50 years. Seems it last received major maintenance in the 1970s, slowly and steadily going downhill from there until it was bulldozed completely around 2007. Looks like it might've been neat as a retro revival but, not to be.

    Wonder who may have been playing at Harrah's across the way when this postcard was taken. Louis Prima and Keely Smith? Think it would've been a wonderful time to have been there.